Day 5 – Queenstown (contd)

Dinner at Bob’s Peak was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday. To get there, we rode up the extremely steep mountain by gondola. I’m not scared of heights but the climb is so steep even I was a little scared. It takes about 8 mins to get up there in an almost vertical climb. Once there we waited for the Haka Show to start. Two of the performers came out and welcomed us and asked one of the men to come forward to represent the group. Bren from Lakes Entrance was ‘volunteered’ and he was told he would have a role in the beginning of the show.

The Haka Show was fantastic. I’ve never seen a Haka in real life and it is very intimidating. There were 2 female performers and 3 males. Two of the males were very scary looking. We weren’t able to take photos with flash so some of my photos are quite blurry. After the show we were able to have photos taken with 2 of the performers. I got mine taken.

We were then taken into the semi-circular restaurant that has amazing views over Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. I sat next to the window. Dinner was a nice buffet. Unfortunately we had to leave at 8pm because there was a function after that so we couldn’t stay. Instead, Carol, Rebecca and Brad and I went to the hotel bar for a drink.

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