Day 5 – Queenstown

Queenstown turned out to be a great town.  I’m not the adventurous type but fell in love with the feel of the town.  There are lots of cafes and bars which give it a lively atmosphere.  Our hotel (Mercure Queenstown) was on the hill on the other side of town and opposite a mountain.  We all had views of it and watching the sunset was magical. The restaurant also fronted the lake. I have to mention that they have twilight so it didnt get dark until after 10pm which I loved.

We had two nights and one full day in Christchurch which we could fill as we pleased. I wanted to do a garden tour but no one else did so it didn’t go ahead. Never mind. I just got the bus in to town and walked around. Decided to do the cruise on the TSS Earnslaw, a 100 year old coal-powered steamboat. It was a 90 min cruise to a farm on the mountain but I can’t remember it’s name right now. It was great to see Queenstown from a different viewpoint. It’s a very picturesque town.

After the cruise I walked around the Botanic Gardens then headed back to the bus stop to go back to the hotel. Had a restful afternoon then went to dinner at Bob’s Peak. More about that soon but it was spectacular.

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