Day 4 to Queenstown

We had a delayed start due to the weather. Some of the passengers wanted to do the flights over the Fox Glacier but the weather wasn’t good. They were going to be cancelled but the weather picked up so they got to go and even landed on the glacier which was very exciting for them.

Our last stop before arriving in Q’town was Arrowtown. This was a gold village during the gold rush in the 1800’s. It’s much different now. I was expecting it to be like Sovereign Hill so was a little disappointed. However it would be a lovely place for a weekend getaway. It reminded me of the little villages in the Dandenongs.

On the way to Q’town we had quite a lot of stops. First one was Haast where some passengers did a jet boat tour then we stopped at Lake Mararoa for lunch at a roadhouse. Then we started to wind back up mountains to Thunder Falls, a waterfall which would be really spectacular after the winter rains and snow. Next stop was at Mrs Jones’ Farm to buy some fresh fruit. It was so nice to buy some fresh fruit. The cherries were very juicy and I ate a lot over the next day. I also stocked up on strawberries and bananas to take back to the hotel.

It was a very long day but broken up with all the stops. The countryside is so beautiful. The mountains rise very steeply towards the sky. It’s amazing. Surprisingly to many of us, the land is very brown in a lot of areas. I didn’t expect this is at all. However that’s still great because you get to see how rocky the mountains are.

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