Travel docs are in da house……but there are problems

I was told by the travel agent that the documents wouldn’t be available until two weeks before my holiday.  I wasn’t happy with that.  The main reason being that I would only get them around a week before Christmas so there wouldn’t be much time to fix things.  Secondly, December this a busy month and I don’t have much time to get to the travel agents.  The travel agent explained the reason why they don’t normally issue them earlier than two weeks which I understand but I asked if they could ask AAT Kings anyway.  So I was very happy when I received a text (whatever happened to a phone call?) to say everything could be picked up.  I told them I’d be there today.

Mum and I picked them up but weren’t given much of a chance to check everything.  I was able to ask a few questions which was good.  When Mum got home and checked their detail she noticed the travel insurance forms weren’t in there.  No probs they will print them.  She also noticed that that Air NZ had printed ‘no meal’ on our tickets.  We have bought ‘The Works’ which contains checked in luggage, entertainment and a meal amongst other things.  The agent will follow up and get back to us. 

So these are just minor problems but are exactly why I wanted to pick my tickets up early enough.

In the brochure are a list of the optional tours.  It looks like they have to be booked in advance so I will have a bit of fun working out which ones I will do.

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