Planning can be so much fun but so hard also

Earlier this year (somehow) I (or Mum…so long ago I can’t remember) came up with the idea of me going to New Zealand and doing a coach tour.  Mum said I should do the South Island first because it has a more diverse landscape.  I’ve done a lot of travelling within Australia but I’m starting to venture outside of our wide brown land.  Three years ago I went to Norfolk Island this time it’s New Zealand.

My first task was to research which company and tour.  I quickly narrowed it down to two companies; APT Tours and AAT Kings.  Eventually I decided on a 9 day Christchurch to Christchurch tour.  Here’s the itinerary:

I’m also paying the single supplement so I can have my own room in all accommodation.   Airfares were booked soon after. 

Mum and Dad decided later that they would fly over and join me for a further 10 days of touring the north of the South Island which includes the Marlborough wine region.   I was more than happy to do that because it meant I could see more of the country.  I didn’t want to do much solo touring. It also means I get to catch up with Liz Christiansen and her family.  Liz and I met through Scrapshare and have been friends for years.  We just happened to be on Norfolk Island at the same time 3 years ago.  We were both planning to go there but realised we were going to be there at the same time.

So now we are in the final throes of planning our holiday.  All flights and accommodation has been booked, the Interislander has been booked to go from Picton (South Island) to Wellington (North Island) and the rental car is nearly booked.

I’ve never had that much time off work before so it will be hard to go back.

Just need to keep saving up that spending money. Will need a lot of it by the look of it.

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One Response to Planning can be so much fun but so hard also

  1. I did a coach tour of the North Island last year. I went with Kirra Tours and also paid the single supplement. I had a great trip and plan to go back and do the South Ia
    Island one day. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!

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